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A meetup report : highlight of xR Tech Tokyo #15 in Japan

The other day I attended a large XR meetup in Tokyo, Japan. The meetup name is "xR Tech Tokyo #15". I reported about the event because it is worth reporting to overseas XR communities.

1. What is xR Tech Tokyo?

xR Tech Tokyo is one of the largest XR communities. There are several XR communities in Japan, but few of them has over 1,000 members.
Registered member in xR Tech Tokyo is over 2,000. Over 100 attendees are in each meet up.

Number of member in xR Tech Tokyo

Referred from ""

Presenters in each meet up belong to from academic societies to entertainment and industrial business domain.

In this blog post, I introduce noteworthy presentations in the 15th meetup. If you're interested in full presentations, check the Japanese version blog post.

平成最後のxR Tech Tokyo #15 の全講演をまとめてみました - CrossRoad

The post describes full presentations and their slides made by slideshare, speakerdeck and so on.

2. A new style VR visual novel "Tokyo Chronos"

Presented by MyDearest Inc. CEO Kento Kishigami @tokimekishiken and @ookumaneko_XD

Tokyo Chronos is a VR mystery game.

VR Mystery Visual Novel TOKYO CHRONOS

The game was one of Oculus Essentials as of 20th Apr. 2019.

Oculus Essentials screenshot as of 4/20/2019

Referred from:Oculus Essentials Experiences | Oculus | Oculus

The persenters said it was difficult to sell an anonymous game in VR market. Therefore, they made Tokyo Chronos fun communities first and made fun events until the release day. These fun users bought and posted good review after the release day.

"Persona", "DANGANRONPA", and "Steins Gate" were as reference to create design of Tokyo Chronos.

These games are quite popular RPG or visual novels in Japan. If you don't know these games, check their web sites. You can understand character designs of Tokyo Chronos are similar with these games. Affinity design attracts gamers who likes these games.

3. Virtual market

Presented by @phio_alchemist , @mizunana_T

Virtual market is 3D avators and 3D data market place in VR space. Attendees of virtual market put on their VR headset and log in the market. They move around freely, talk with each attendees by VR controller. The presenters are founders of the market.

screenshot of virtual market 2

Referred from : バーチャルマーケット

Current virtual market has 6 worlds and these worlds has various stores.

Example of virtual market stage

The presenters explained problems for increasing users. These are new common sense in VR world. Human can not do the following things in real world. But human can do in VR world. Such things are not familiar with VR beginners.

  • Teleport

  • Change appearance

  • If they fall 10 meters to the ground, they get no injured.

  • Floating icon on their heads

To increase VR users, we have to get VR beginners to understand such new common sense. The presenters introduced two ideas.

(1) Adapt similar icon like real world

In "Virtual Market", an icon like elevator is set on an area. The area means attendees can move up.

An example of navigation idea for VR in virtual market

The presenters said we should propose new icon for VR world.

(2) Fool proof idea should be adapted for users

Fool proof is a concept not to make users injured even if users use wrongly.

Foolproof - Wikipedia

Many controller buttons make VR beginners confuse. If their appearance changes when pushing a button for talking with others, they dislike to dive into VR world and communicate with others. Therefore, foolproof should be considered.

4. Intuitive dishes recommend service "eata" and VR

Presented by @ichi1984

"eata" is a restaurant recommendation service by food pictures. Currently it seems to be launched only in Japan.

eata(イータ) “食べたい”を見つけよう、料理から探すグルメサイト

One of the unique points is that the criteria of the site is not users comment and users evaluation rate. If you use "eata", you can see delicious foods. When you select a food picture, you can check a restaurant information.

"eata" adapts 360 photo VR to inform an atmosphere of the restaurant.

5. A prototype and problems of VR during walking

Presented by @zawazawatw

The presenters proposed a prototype of VR during walking. A final goal of in this study is equal to "Hyper Reality".

In the world, we use VR headset every time and everyday. But we have already had a problem with smartphone. It is what is called smartphone zombies.

An example of smartphone zombies

Referred from : フリー写真素材ぱくたそ

The same problem may happens if users keep to put on their VR headset. The presenter proposed a prototype as shown in the following picture.

screenshot of presentation by @zawazawatw at xR Tech Tokyo #15

Only far area is described as VR world. Near area is not described. The presenter says he will improve the prototype.

6. A block chain and XR potential

Prestented by @mogmogvr


The presenters proposed a new digital data sales transaction platform for VR. He said if VR becomes popular, digital data and avators may be illegally copied. If some huge companies which manage digital data go bankrupt, many people are affected.

Therefore, the presenter proposes a new digital data sales transaction platform "Conata". "Conata" is based on blockchain technologies. The picture is a sample image of Conata.

Concept image of blockchain based digital data barter platform Conata

7. Conclusion

The post is part of the 15h meetup report. Other attendees posted reports not only presentation but also demonstration. (These are written in Japanese)

xR Tech Tokyo #15の内容レポート - トマシープが学ぶ

xR Tech Tokyo #15 いっちゃん的レポート - ゆるふわフラペチーノ

I'll increase English posts not only reports but also technologies. Check the category URL if you are interested.

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