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Meta2 SDK ver 2.6! More stable and new feature "Limited Mode"


【Meta2 SDK 2.6】安定度改善とLimited Modeの追加 - CrossRoad

Meta2 SDK has been updated to 2.6. There are several improvement.

0. Install and pre-check point

You have to uninstall old SDK if you have installed. You also have to update NVIDIA driver to over 390.77 (latest version when 2.6 was released). Refer system requirements below.

Release version: Beta 2.6.0
Environment: Windows 10 64-bit (Note: Fall Creators Update is supported)
Compatible Unity versions: 5.6.0f3 and 2017.3.0f3
Firmware version: 1.41
Meta Workspace version: 1.7.0

1. More stable tracking

As I said on the tweet, more stable image is showed on Meta2 head set. It's interesting to see 100cm size heart.

I uploaded a sample app of Meta2 SDK 2.6.

2. New feature "Limited Mode"

If you activate "Limited Mode", it is similar to "Body Lock" of HoloLens. If you dis-active the mode, it is similar to "World Lock" of HoloLens.

If you enable the mode with Unity, you should check "Rotation Only Tracking" of SLAM Localizer in MetaCameraRig

Limited mode setting on Meta2 Unity SDK 2.6

But I failed to try the mode in Unity because my Meta2 keep stopping with showing "Waiting For Sensor". In this time, I used keyboard F9.

Unity editor stopped when I tried the situation below.

  • Run sample app and push F9 (Limited Mode On)
  • Moved to outbound of environmental mapping.
  • push F9 (Limited Mode Off)

I guess current Meta2 did not have a feature of realtime SLAM.

3. Other improvement & change points

3.1 Reduction of installer size

Size of older version of SDK was about 1.2GB. Size of SDK 2.6 is about 632MB.

3.2 Meta Home view is more simple and clear

Meta Home launcher at SDK 2.6

Meta Home is a launcher application of Meta2. We can run three sample applications. The bottom characters of Meta Utilities, Dev Center, Shortcut were web page link.

3.2 Tutorial application was refined

3.3 Meta2 head set has no image when Meta2 app is stopped

Meta2 head set is recognized as second display by Windows10. In older SDK, expand display view (i.g. wallpaper of Windows10) was showed in Meta2 head set when Meta2 app is stopped.

3.4 Tutorial project of Unity has been published on GitHub.

4. My impression

Meta2 tracking accuracy is being improved. I found an app introduction forum.

Meta2 community is smaller than HoloLens, but it is being bigger and bigger. AEC Hackathon is one of example.

Several team has developed AR contents by Meta2 at AEC Hackathon (Architecture, Engineering, Construction)

There were dozens of developer in the event.

Autodesk, which is a big company of 3D data, CAD and so on, was a sponsor according to the post.

AEC Hackathon 5.0 – San Francisco Bay Area « AEC Hackathon

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