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Meetup report of Babylon.js LT in Japan

A small Babylon.js meetup in Japan succussfully finished last week! In this article, you can know the unique topics regarding Babylon.js.

JP version

1. Overview of Babylon.js LT meetup

As you know, there is a Babylon.js community in Japan as "Babylon.js Japan".

Babylon.js JAPAN - connpass

Since 2022, we had several meetups and published books. The meetup was held on Zoom and around 70 persons registered. Over 50 attended.
There were 5 unique presentations in this meetup.

Attendees of Babylon.js LT

2. Contents

2.1 Let's use open data with Babylon.js! - Toyohashi city -

Presenter:"かーでぃ"(Kerdy) @_0447222690292

Presentation slides:

  • He already tried to make digital twin with Babylon.js. (See his past book)

Babylon.js レシピ集 Vol.2 (Only Japanese version)

  • This trial shows rainy perscent data on map. He showed the percent as three-dimensional graph shape with Babylon.js

  • Referecne : Free Weather API

An example of getting weather data and show it on Babylon.js

  • His blog in JP:

2.2 Make Babylon.js with C# ~ "BabylonCS" ~

Presenter:"にー兄さん" (ni-ni-san) @_ninisan_drumath

Presentation slides:

  • His recent interest was how to implement Babylon.js as C#.

  • Idea
    System configuration of BabylonCS

  • Motivation

  • Some beginners who started Babylon.js had their Unity/Unreal Engine experience.

  • It is not easy for them to use JavaScript.
  • If they can use C#, more developers can use Babylon.js.

  • His current work is on GitHub. Stay tuned his further updates.


Blazor : A method that developers can develop Web applications on C#.
Blazor チュートリアル | 最初の Blazor アプリをビルドする

WebAssembly(WASM) : A method that source codes except for JS can work on browsers.
WebAssembly の概要 - WebAssembly | MDN

2.3 A concept that an animation is showed on Babylon.js

Presenter:ricky @N1809031125

  • His motivation to use Babylon.js : He can easily check implementating results.
  • His goal : Making animation on Blender, synchronizing them on Babylon.js at real time.
  • First trial : Made an animation on Blender and recorded as mp4 format. Playback the file on Babylon.js and confirmed the concept.

2.4 I'd like to do real time geek activities for virtual idols on Babylon.js

Presenter:hiroyoshi-muranaka (@mononanokamo)

Presentation slides:

  • The presenter was a first grade student on a high school.
  • His works: A virtual character as VRM format danced with a good music. Several client devices can show her dance at the same timing.
  • We can check the demo movie on P.3 of his presentation slides (If you don't know Japanese, don't worry!)
  • Why did he developed it on Babylon.js? : He could easily make WebXR contents. It was easy for him to use it because he knew JS and Web technologies.
  • "Songle API", which was developed by AIST, was main component of his works. The API could manage and synchronize timing on each devices.

Example of impressions:

What is VRM?(JP)
「VRM」って何?どんなことができる? | VRM

What is Songle API? (JP)
Songle API

Sample project for Songle API (GitHub repositories) AIST Songle Project · GitHub

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

2.5 Show co-occurence network model with Babylon.js

Presenter: kiyuka (@kiyuka_study)

Presentation slides:

  • co-occurence network
    An algorightm of Co-Occurrence Network

  • "PhysicsJoint" feature showed words relationship.

co-occuraence network and Babylon.js physics joint

co-occuraence network and Babylon.js physics joint and clone power

2.6 Let's write books!

Final part was me. As you know the community had three books for technical showcase events.

Next event will be held on March. I appealed the activities for listeners.

3. Conclusion

As shown in the community page, over 540 members attended the community!
Stay tuned our further activities from Japan! Next will be held around release date of Babylon.js 7.0!