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Tips of dual camera "VuzeXR" for camera beginners


180度と360度撮影ができるカメラ「VuzeXR」でつまづいた箇所と解決方法 - CrossRoad

I bought a new dual camera "VuzeXR". Several posts introduce about VuzeXR. Here is a good example.

Review: Vuze XR shoots solid VR180 video - Immersive Shooter

But as a Camera beginner, I got some troubles for initial settings of VuzeXR. In this post, I introduce tips for VuzeXR camera settings.

My environment

  • VuzeXR Camera firmware :HEVM_1.2.52426

  • VuzeXR app(Android) :

  • Vuze VR Studio : 3.1.5960

  • Oculus Go : (OS version: user-256880.5080.0)

1. What is VuzeXR?

VuzeXR is a camera not only for 360 , but also 3D 180 photo/video. With pushed a change button, you can shoot 3D 180 photo/video.

Price is 439 euro. You can buy it via Humaneyes Technologies Ltd.

Vuze XR - Best VR180 Camera - 3D & 360°

2. What should I do for settings?

2.1 Install VuzeXR app for smartphone and pair the camera

You can choose iOS and Android app.

‎Vuze XR Camera on the App Store

2.2 Confirm four button alignments and roles

It's easy. Four buttons have roles as the following figure.

button alignment of VuzeXR

Another role of WiFi button is activate a mode of connecting with Oculus Go. When you push WiFi button twice shortly, the mode is available.

3. VuzeXR tips for camera beginners

3.1 You need microSDXR U3 (No storage in VuzeXR)

Official FAQ says the followings :

We recommend using the maximum bit rate speed when recording and therefore use U3 microSD card type.

FAQ - Vuze Camera

When I inserted no compatible card in VuzeXR, power button blinks in orange color. No picture saved.

Official FAQ introduces three microSDXC tested by them.

Samsung EVO Plus 256GB MicroSD
PRO Plus microSD Card
Lexar Professional 1000x microSDHC™/microSDXC™ UHS-II card

I bought a card as "128GB Extreme microSDXC A2 SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA" by Sandisk. It works well.

a microSD card as SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA

THETA has internal storage. There is no microSD card limitation in Mirage Camera. Therefore I overlooked the limitation in VuzeXR.

3.2 You need compatible microSD card reader

I bought a card reader as "MR-A015X" by ELECOM. It works on both Windows10 Pro(ver1809) and MacOSX(10.14.3).

ELECOM is a company in Japan. You can choose any compatible readers as you like.

a card reader as MR-A015X

3.3 Confirm WiFi settings if you can not pair smartphons and VuzeXR

If you can not find name of VuzeXR in the connection setting, you should search the name in WiFi settings of smart phone. You can find the name in the app at next time.

3.4 Disables beep sound in "Camera Settings"

Beep sound of VuzeXR is loud when you turn on the camera, shoot, and switch shoot mode. You can disable the beep sound as the following steps.

how to disable beep sound for VuzeXR

3.5 You need to enable WiFi Direct if the app shows firmware update messages

VuzeXR connects smartphone via WiFi. It means that the smartphone can not connect internet. If WiFi Direct is enabled, smartphone can connect internet with the connection of VuzeXR. See the following steps.

how to enable wifi direct setting for VuzeXR

The following steps is for firmware update.

how to execute firmware update for VuzeXR

3.6 You can not know when firmware update is completed

The message as "Do not turn the camera off or push any of the camera buttons" is showed on smartphone. But the screen is not changed even if update is completed.

notice of updating firmware on VuzeXR app

Wait for several minutes. Tap "Close" button and re-connect VuzeXR. If the app connects with the camera, update is completed.

3.7 If you can not find VuzeXR in Oculus Go, you should open and close Oculus Store

If your Oculus Go is connected with VuzeXR via WiFi, you can check pictures of VuzeXR in Oculus Go. Here is an official blog post.

Explore. More! Watch and enjoy Vuze XR content directly from Oculus Go and other leading VR headsets

Instruction 1. Push WiFi button of VuzeXR twice. LED of power button shows blue. (Generally the LED is white)

  1. You put on your Oculus Go and show WiFi settings. You can find connection candidates as VuzeXR_AAAA. You select it

  2. Open gallery app in Oculus Go. Select VuzeXR_AAAA. You can see pictures of VuzeXR.

The following Japanese post introduce a trouble shootings if you can not find VuzeXR_AAAA. The post says you should open any apps and close them.

Oculus GoでVuze XRのファイルを直接見る方法

But the proposal method did not work on my VuzeXR. The following method works.

Connect Oculus Store, check the trial fails, and open Oculus gallery app.

3.8 If you can not find 180/360 photos in Oculus Go, "In Camera-Stitching" should be enabled

"In Camera-Stitching" settings means that VuzeXR stitches pictures and generates 180/360 photos. Setting steps is the following as :

how to enable camera stitching for VuzeXR

3.9 180 photos by VuzeXR are not VR180 format

VR180 is a video format proposed by Google.


360 photos covers fully immersive 360-degree views. On the other hands, VR180 photos covers hemispherical 180-degree views. If you put on a VR headset and see VR180 photos, front is stereoscopic view. But back is nothing. The following is a sample of VR180 movie.

I misunderstood about VuzeXR. VuzeXR is not compatible with VR180. The site of VuzeXR says not VR180 but "3D180". You should convert your photo shot by VuzeXR with movie editing tool like Premiere Pro.

3.10 Only Vuze camera photos are supported by VuzeVR Studio

You can get a movie editing tool by official site for free.

Vuze VR Studio

VR Software downloads - Vuze VR Studio & Mobile app

I tried to import some 360 photos into VuzeVR Studio, but only phots shot by VuzeXR were recognized.

a screenshot of VuzeVR studio

You can not convert these photos into VR180 format by VuzeVR Studio.

VuzeXR is comaptible with 180/360 photos. The camera has a great potential for XR photos. I'll write other technical posts with VuzeXR.