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How to use OpenTable? What is Dining Point?

I found a good restaurant reservation site in trip abroad. In this post, I introduce the site “OpenTable”. I also do "Dining Point".

Japanese version is here

海外のレストラン簡単予約サービス「OpenTable」の使い方 - CrossRoad

1. What is OpenTable?

1-1. About the company

OpenTable company is a group company of The Priceline Group(NASDAQ: PCLN)Priceline also manages “”.

Restaurants and Restaurant Reservations | OpenTable

A branch in Japanese (The following site is written in Japanese)

1-2. Covered area

OpenTable covers major cities in America such as Los angles, SanFrancisco, SanJose, Seattle, New York. They also cover England, Germany, Japan and so on.

2. How to use OpenTable

2-1. Reservation

Access the site, click red square, and select area.

Available area of OpenTable

Select dates and people. After clicking “Find Table”, it shows restaurants candidates. You can choice available time.

Available time of OpenTable

time someone has already booked is not showed.

No available time and day on OpenTable

After you select a restaurant and available date, you input your name, phone number, and email address.

Input field of name, phone number, and email address on OpenTable

You get confirmation email from OpenTable. You don’t have to sign up with reservation by OpenTable. If you’re interested in the registration, check section 3.2.

2-2. Confirmation at entrance of restaurants you reserved

You tell your confirmation number to reception at the restaurant you reserved. They confirm your name and number of people and tell you wait for seconds. That’s all. Reception take you to your seats!.

3.Sing up registration of OpenTable

3-1. How to sign up

Click “Sign up” on OpenTable and input your information.

OpenTable.comでのSign up画面

Reference from “ Restaurants and Restaurant Reservations | OpenTable

3-2. What can you get if you sign up?

  • You can check your reservation history
  • You can save “Dining Point”. You can exchange the points for meal charges or Amazon gift card as dining reward.

You can reserve restaurants, modify your reservation, and post your review for restaurants even if you don't sign up.
I recommend you to sign up if you’d like to get “Dining Point”.

“Dining Point” is a reward. If you save over 2000pt, you can exchange it with money.

Candidates are “Dining Reward” or “Amazon Gift Card”. The points and rewards are valid within a year.

(1) Dining Reward

The reward depends on restaurant’s status and number of the points.


Reference from “ Diner Community

(2) Amazon Gift Card

I found sentence about exchange Amazon Gift Card at the same page of Dining Reward, but there is no exchange rate.

3-3. Dining Point and Reward are available at only United States


Reference from “Diner Community

The points and rewards are not available other than United State as of Nov. 2018. You can still reserve restaurants, modify your reservation and post review. I think you don’t have to think about registration of OpenTable.


OpenTable is a convenient site for reservation. In case of Japan, most of reservation site needs registration and most of restaurants call you for confirmation even if you reserved on the Internet. OpenTable is good because of no registration and no phone call.
I recommend OpenTable if you stay in United States or trip abroad even in Japan.