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A report of Babylon.js meetup Vol.3

We organized third meetup of Babylon.js. The post shows the meetup reports.

1. What is Babylon.js Japan?

It is the community that not only organizes meetups regarding Babylon.js, but also provides relationship opportunity for community members. It has been established on April 2022.

564 persons registered the community as of April 28th 2024.

Our hybrid meetup was streamed in the You Tube link below. We'll save it as an archive channel.

Onsite attendees was 9. Online attendees was around 50.

Onsite scene is here.

Venue of Babylon.js meetup Vol.3

Other reports from an attendee is here (Japanese).

2. Preesntations

2.1 Activities of Babylon.js JAPAN

Presenter: @limes2018

It is my presentation. I had a presetation regarding past 2 years activities and near future plans.

Reported change of our community members.

Change of number of community members regarding Babylon.js JAPAN

Our 2 year's activities 2 years activities of Babylon.js JAPAN

2.2 New feature of Babylon.js v7

Presenter: [@_ninisan_drumath

@_ninisan_drumath is a developer, who is ex-Microsoft Student Ambassador. He introduced 10 main feature of Babylon.js 7.0.

You can see his explanation. These was written in JP but easily to imagine the contents.

Digests: ・Major update has been done every year. Minor update has been updating every week. He said Babylon.js was active.

・v7.4.0 has been already released as of April 28th 2024.

・Babylon.js released cool video for celebrating v7.0.

・There are 10 main feature in Babylon.js v7.0. His presentation slides explained each feature.

Main 10 feature of Babylon.js 7

・Regarding Global Illumination, "Reflective Shadow Map" is adapted. It doesn't have high quolity visualization but lightweight compared with Unreal Engine.

・Gaussian Splatting had been implemented by community member's request. Around v6.33 was first draft. It has been improved by 7.0.

Related links is here.

2.3 Babylon.js on Re:Earth

Presenter: @_0447222690292

The presenter is a developer who has especially interest in IoT and Web technologies. In this presentation, he showed a prototype of Re:Earth and Babylon.js.

"Re:Earth" is a free, open and highly extensible WebGIS platform provided by Tokyo University in Japan.

Related links :

デジタルツイン構築プラットフォーム『Re:Earth』 | 東京大学

He showed a prototye that showing temperature of each reqion on 3DCG based earth.

A trial Re:Earth and Babylon.js by Kardy

He utilized "Re:Earth" plugin and implmented. He'll introduced his techniques in Babylon.js Recipe Book Vol.4 in May.

2.4 WebXR session features of Babylon.js on multiple devices

Presenter: shilaca_

shilaca is a developer that has interested in WebXR and Web technologies. Her presentation showed trial results of multiple devices and WebXR on Babylon.js.

Clear explanation of WebXR was showed at first.

What is WebXR by @shilaca__

・WebXR has a module of "session features". Each feature's compatibilities depend on devices.

・She tried Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest3, PICO4 and a few Android smartphones.

・A table of compatibilities in each devices and session managers
Multiple devices of compatibility on Babylon.js

- Quest3 is the best device for trying feature Manager. Android smartphone is also better.
- Apple Vision Pro was not compatible with most of WebXR feature.

・Her impression of Babylon.js and WebXR
- It's good for implementation because source code architechture was clear. She could easily imagine even if trying unknown features.
- Babylon.js doesn't have sufficient explanation of WebXR. It's good more explanation in the document.

2.5 MMD Loader - A method of showing MMD model on Babylon.js -

Presenter: @noname20310

Presentation material!s668eef439f0e4f43ae15d6dcd7edd08c&resid=95C741421F306C96!s668eef439f0e4f43ae15d6dcd7edd08c&cid=95c741421f306c96&ithint=file%2Cpptx&redeem=aHR0cHM6Ly8xZHJ2Lm1zL3AvYy85NWM3NDE0MjFmMzA2Yzk2L0VVUHZqbVlPbjBOUHJoWFczTmZ0MEl3QnBoSXNIWUxxYnVwcnN5N0l2TW5ZSHc_ZT1DdHhwRVQ&migratedtospo=true&wdo=2

The presenter is an author of "Babylon MMD Loader".

He kindly had the online presentation from Soul city in Korea.

・Feature of babylon-mmd: Show MMD models on Babylon.js.

・Supported formats: PMX、PMD、VMD、VPD

・BPMX and BVMD are also compatible.

・Optimized multi threads with Web Assembly. iPhone is available.

・One of near future plan is a feature of mixing non-MMD and MMD models.

・If you have comments or request, send it on his GitHub repositories.

2.6 Combining Babylon.js and brower API, gadgets, and 2D drawing libraries

Presenter: @youtoy

The presenter has great skills of sensing and visualization. The presentation explains several his recent works.

・An example : Synchronizing Joy Con of Nintendo Switch with a mesh of Babylon.js. See the post and movie.

・You can see his various works in his YouTube channel.
Yosuke Toyota - YouTube

・You can also his various try and works. in Qiita. Qiita is one of tech sharing platform in Japan. He'll publish his source code soon.

2.7 My Web3D contents

Presenter: @voxel8

The presenter belongs to Aqua star, ltd. The company has system integrating skill mixing with visualization. The site is constructed in Japanese but you can see their high level contents and systems.

Main presentation point is two virtual event systems. These were implemented with Babylon.js.

You can dive into a metaverse world.

You can see a virtual event venue. It also works on Babylon.js based platform.

2.8 A headless CMS on Babylon.js


The presenter showed his original embeded Babylon.js-WebXR feature.

Metaverse CMS sample code

The feature enables developers to make isolate website easily.

His works was introduced by a news paper.

His near future plan is releasing SDK.

2.9 A trial of making 3D interactive badge on Babylon.js

Presenter: @nsd244

Unfortunately the presenter couldn't join due to his sickness.

3. Conclusion

The meetup is aligned with major update of Babylon.js. (v5,0, v6.0, and v7.0).
In this meetup, various reqion in Japan attended the event. Furthermore a presenter @noname20310 from Korea kindly joined. It's first time that oversea presenters kindly had a presentation in this meetup.

Each presentation were quite informative. Presenters kindly showed their knowledge. Several topics showed Babylon.js could be utilized company based systems. All attendees including me could perceived new possibilities of Babylon.js.

The number of people who registers Babylon.js JAPAN community is over 560 since 2022. As a co-organizer, I'd like to make the community bigger. Also try to communicate with oversea BJS lovers. Let's keep collaboration!!