Attending "OcuFes 2015 summer" (a large VR HMD exhibition in Japan)

OcuFes, which is a famous VR contents exhibition in Japan, will take place 24th August, JST.

Over thirty contents developed by indies developers or companies will be exhibited in Akihabara, Tokyo.

8/24(月)G-Tune×AMD OcuFes 2015夏 過去最大500m^2の場所を好きに使えます! | Oculus Festival in Japan
(Sorry,all reference in this page is only in Japanese)

I will exhibit my content in the OcuFes! It’s “Unbounded Space3”.

What is Unbounded Space ?

Unbounded Space is an UI experience in VR.

The feature was that you can operate floating picture or document in VR by PSMove.

These are previous version of Unbounded Space.

Unbounded Space 1 (2014/3/8)

Unbounded Space 2 (2014/4/29)

“Unbounded Space 2” has been published in a gaming magazine in 2014.

In this article, I and some friends were introduced as advanced developers.

front cover of the magazine


article of interview (Page 1/2)


article of interview (Page 2/2)


What is the difference between 1,2 and 3?

In ver.1 and 2, you could only operate the allocated some pictures and document in VR.

But ver. 3, you can operate any information from internet in VR.

I think web browser for PC is not suitable for VR.

So I will customize it like the following my previous content “Unbounded Space ver Meta”.


So, here is one of the current content image.


I’ll improve operation method, and add further feature.

Check my update for development. I hope you’ll like it!.

Introduction movie has been uploaded.